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EaseMyHiring is an emerging venture managed by experienced Recruitment and Assessment Professional(s). Based in Delhi NCR, EaseMyHiring links together a community of Company, Recruiters and Job/Internship Aspirants. We intend to provide a hassle free experience of recruitment to both job/internship seekers and employers at the same time. The employment scenario of the 21st century is evolving and so are the expectations of a company from Job/Internship Aspirants.

We offer various Service(s), which includes:

  • Recruitment Service(s)
  • Employability Assessment
  • Campus Drive Service(s)
  • Psychometric Evaluation
  • Employee Feedback
  • Culture Fit Assessment


Recruitment Service(s)

We provide recruiters with a 360 degree recruitment platform, thus helping the recruiters to find perfect fit candidates for their requirements.

Employability Assessment

We conduct 360 degree assessment of the candidate and provide well rounded analysis of the candidate's skills and characteristics while juxtaposing it with the industry standards. Employability Assessment is customizable according to industry demands.

Campus Drive Service(s)

We provide recruiters with on-site Campus Drive facilities providing them with an in depth analysis of each and every candidates strengths and weaknesses.

Psychometric Evaluation

We use the basics of OCEAN principles of psychology to provide the Psychometric buildup of a person.

Employee Feedback

Our platform's Employee feedback module can be used for various different purposes in an Organization such as Appraisals, Promotions, Project Assignments, etc.

Culture Fit Assessment

Culture Fit Platform is for checking if an individual is compatible with an Organization based on the Psychometric evaluations of a person while comparing him or her with other Employees hence finding the best fit candidate for the Organization.


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